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Art by Mikki F.

Mikki F. creates a variety of items: sculptures for inside and for gardens, tableware, small gifts, lamps, pots, vases, and others. Each piece is 100% handcrafted. That makes every item unique and exclusive. She also designs interiors, gardens and swimming pools.

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Msquare Gallery

Msquare Gallery, located in Poço Barreto, represents three fantastic artists: Mikki F. (Belgium ceramist and painter), Marianne Bosch (Dutch ceramist) and Pedro Marques (Portuguese Iron art). You will find here a big choice of sculptures, paintings, ceramics, home decorations and all kinds of eclectic items.

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Atelier - here's how we are working

It is here, in our atelier where the magic is born. That is where our imaginations are transformed into real products. 

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